Dr. Jayson Sher saw the bullet holes in the door jams. He counted them immediately after Bobby fell. He did this drawing. Dr. Sher counted mor bullet holes than Sirhans gun could fire. He and his father were photographers and often worked at the Ambassador Hotel for special events.  

One Security Guard,  The tall one ,lied to me and told me Bobby was slightly wounded in the leg. 

He threatened to clobber me because I insisted that he not let people in the kitchen without security clearance.

The Coroner, Thomas T. Noguchi, M.D. and Scott Enyard a Fairfax High School student and photographer were harassed by the LAPD.

Scott was tackled and has his most important film taken away from him. The LAPD conveniently had the film stolen in spite of a court decree that it be returned to him.

Dr. Nocguchi was harassed and eventually lost his job over his truth telling. He said the bullet was fired from a very close distance causing a powder burn. 

The Los Angeles Police and their investigators Pena and Hernandez performed poorly.   I knew immediately that the best option for me was to stay the hell away from any of them.


Dr. Thomas Noguchi said the weapon that killed Bobby was fired an inch away from his ear. Sirhan never got that close to him. I know my friend grabbed Sirhan  who stood next to him. Gabor Kadar was on T.V. that night and began to cry while he was interviewed.

Dr. Noguchi was a victim of the Los Angeles Police Dept and the F.B.I  Lost his job .  America was off balance. In what is called Koyanasquatsi.

                                                                                                                  THE KITCHEN-THE PANTRY-DISASTER STRUCK



Scott Enyart, a Fairfax Student, took photos in the kitchen and he was tackled by the LAPD who took  his film and  his camera.

They , in later years, had the film stolen.